Make the most from your investment in Oracle software

Using Oracle software is an investment towards your Organizations growth.

Currently, many teams across separate business areas, such as Software Asset Management, Procurement, IT Support and the IT Architecture teams work in silos and don’t necessarily have visibility of how the decisions made by one team will to impact other functions.

BaseClarity solves this problem by connecting multiple teams with single source of truth. We also take into account the impact of virtualization and also the capacity usage to help the management make better use of their existing infrastructure and hence better use of their Oracle investment

We do this, by avoiding the additional installation of agent or logging in remotely. We gather the data from existing data sources ex. monitoring tools, Software Asset Management tools, Oracle Enterprise Manager or even Script based data and then join the sources together turning raw data into valuable information for decision making.

PageLines- BaseClarityArchitecture.pngBaseClarity Architecture

        BaseClarity Architecture

The solution can be delivered as a SaaS solution or as an on premise solution depending on customers needs. It can be delivered without installing any agent or remotely logging onto your critical systems.



        BaseClarity Features

 Who Benefits from BaseClarity

BaseClarity helps the following teams to make the most out of their Oracle software investment. Click on the links below to know more.