Customer Profile

file000251845750A UK health care organization using 100+ databases on Oracle Enterprise Edition, Weblogic Suite, Oracle Application Server running on Solaris standalone servers and virtual servers running on VMware.

  • 100+ databases on Oracle Enterprise Edition running on 25 servers
  • Oracle Middleware(Application Server/Weblogic) running on 30+ servers
  • Oracle Business intelligence on 20+ servers
  • VMware running on a clustered environment with vMotion enabled



Customer Challenge

The customer had a £500k budget shortfall for a new programme, and requested its managed service provider to

  • Optimise the overall infrastructure.
  • Overhaul the architecture by consolidating physical resources to achieve better commercial value from software licence contracts.
  • Highlight compliance risks.
  • Review the cost impact of virtualization and future projects.

BaseClarity Solution

The managed service provider used BaseClarity product and consulting services to perform the following

  • Analyze the infrastructure data and quickly highlight risks
  • Quick recommendations on infrastructure utilization
  • Simulate new modified architecture and reviewed the impact of virtualization on license costs
  • Identified unused features which the customer would have to pay for
  • Contract review and consolidation reporting

The following benefits were derived from this exercise

  • Identified that only 25% of the estate was virtualized but would cost the organization buy 200+ Oracle Enterprise Edition licenses if audited
  • As many as 10 servers were identified which had unused Partitioning and Advanced Compression features costing up to 25 processor licenses
  • Part of the estate running Oracle software was moved onto a separate VMware cluster to reduce the license costs
  • A new project to virtualize the outdated physical servers was initiated, leading to further reductions in costs for licences, power, and annual S&M fees.