BaseClarity for IT Support and Provisioning Team

Where Should I Provision……

In the present world, the technical provisioning team’s responsibility is to deploy the software. This is done taking the capacity alone into consideration. With the great improvements in the hardware speed/performance, the costs towards hardware isn’t always an issue. However, there could be a major impact on the software costs.

BaseClarity provides a simple solution to this major risk. Now the provisioning teams can query the tool and get recommendations. The tool suggests where can we host the system with minimum or no license impact.

BaseClarity integrates seamlessly with customer processes and the technical teams don’t have to make an changes to their processes.

How will I identify the unused systems

Identifying unused systems has been a major challenge for the support teams. Under used and dormant systems pose a major threat to the costs. Due to the workloads, the technicians find it difficult to identify them.

BaseClarity now offers a quick and easy solution to this problem. The product helps the technical teams in optimizing the estate.

  • Identify unused/dormant databases
  • Features which have been turned on, but are not being used
  • Plan CPU Reductions/Decommissioning
  • Recover/Re-harvest the licenses