How Software Resellers can benefit from BaseClarity

Challenges for software resellers

file6541263245948Software resellers have a unique challenge to ensure that their customers make the most out of the software products sold by them. They also have a responsibility to ensure their customers are compliant.

Often Oracle software audits take months and sometime more than a year. This will result in the customers having a non consistent and outdated information. The outcome of the audits is that the customers end up being non-compliant or being disputed on their current usage.

How BaseClarity can help

BaseClarity with its true agentless technology (no agents, no remote login) can receive data from any data source and produce the results of the audits in the shortest duration of time without changing the working pattern of the customer IT Teams.

We provide the solution as an On-Premise software or as a Software as a Service solution thus eliminating the need to install an invasive software within the customer estate.

Once the audit is completed, the software resellers can use BaseClarity’s powerful modelling capabilities to model various licensing scenarios and help the customer choose the best licensing model based on their IT strategy.