How BaseClarity can help Hardware Vendors

The challenge of convincing the benefits of hardware migration/refresh

file8301263251806The server technology is changing rapidly and servers are getting faster and faster. Customers are also becoming equally technology savvy and challenge the need to perform a hardware refresh or move from one server platform to other. The other challenge faced by customers as well as the hardware vendors is that most of the customers don’t have enough justification to virtualize their Oracle infrastructure. The decisions made at the start of the project result in customers ending up paying license fees in millions when audited.

Our Solution

BaseClarity_For_ArchitectsBaseClarity with its powerful simulation capabilities helps hardware vendors quickly simulate and show the savings delivered by migrating Oracle systems to their hardware platform. Based on the findings, a business case can be built to ensure that the customers gets the most out of their investment on the new hardware technology and understand the implications on the costs.

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