How BaseClarity can help End Customers

The problems of many truths

file5461297827746Currently many teams like Software Asset Management, Procurement, IT Support and the IT  Architecture teams work in silos and don’t have a visibility on how the decisions made by  one team is going to impact the other.




Our Solution

Bfile1321297827723aseClarity solves this problem by connecting multiple teams with a single source of truth.  We also take into account the impact of virtualization and also the capacity usage and help  the management make better use of their existing infrastructure and hence better use of  their Oracle investment

We do this not by installing another agent or logging in remotely. We gather the data  from existing data sources like
monitoring tools, Software Asset Management tools, Oracle Enterprise Manager or even  Script based data and join the sources together turning raw data into valuable information  for decision making.

The virtualization challenge – The importance of planning

Virtualization is one of the most miscalculated strategies when it comes to Oracle licensing.

People involved in defining the Oracle strategy aren’t aware of the licensing policies and produce a design which is best suited from a technical point of view. However, there will be cost impacts and if not taken into account would result into a huge license deficit undermining all the benefits of virtualization.

With BaseClarity’s powerful simulation capabilities, organizations can review the impact on the costs before even starting a virtualization or a hardware refresh project.

See how BaseClarity can help each of the teams within an organization.