BaseClarity for IT Architects

The Design Problem and visualizing the impact on costs

Infrastructure Architects are responsible for designing the underlying infrastructure for every project/program within the organization. Their goal is to build the solution which is not only robust, but also cost effective.

The impact on the cost is quite often estimated by manually calculating the cost per unit for each of the infrastructure component. This method has the following disadvantages

  1. All the decisions are made in silos
  2. Not based on actual information ex. license costs virtual environment, CPU increase etc
  3. Missing real time information on the changes to the environment and the impact on the cost

These issues occur due to the absence of a solution which helps them visualize the impact even before the design is completed.



BaseClarity for Architects

We help Infrastructure Architects to

  1. Visualize their designs
  2. Simulate
  3. Know the impact on costs.

The same repository will now be used by the compliance and support teams.

BaseClarity helps maintain a single source of truth across all the the functions namely Compliance/Software Asset Management, Support & Provisioning Teams and IT Architecture teams