Our Experience

The BaseClarity team has combined experience of more than 150 years, in areas including, Database and Middleware Infrastructure, Oracle Licensing, Infrastructure Architecture, Oracle Applications(EBS) and Cloud solution adoption.

Our team is comprised of consultants and domain experts who have worked as consultants, architects and senior managers in large consulting firms, system integrators and Oracle Corporation.

We take a holistic picture of your commercial contracts, infrastructure and capacity usage in order to maximise your investment on Oracle software.

BaseClarity solution covers the entire suite of Oracle technology products and Oracle Applications(EBS)

How it all started…..

One of our founders who was working as an IT Architect was reviewing the architecture for a large banking corporation and found that the organization was paying way too much on their Oracle license costs but were not using most of it. He realized that this problem was due to the fact that the commercial teams in Procurement and Software Asset Management were disconnected with the technical teams in the IT Architecture and IT Provisioning and Support.

He quickly brought all the teams together and explained them the importance of being connected by a single source of truth. The result was a massive cost reduction and overhaul of the IT estate, allowing the customer to make the most out of their investment on Oracle software.

This was the Eureka moment and the journey of BaseClarity began. We quickly formed the team and started building the application with all our thoughts, input and knowledge.

We gained clients from Consulting firms to Managed Service Providers and the story goes on…..